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Safety Manual FAQs

What is the purpose of a C.P.S. Safety Manual?

     It is a comprehensive safety manual that assists businesses in training their employees regarding OSHA safety requirements.

     Safety Manual industries offered by C.P.S.:
  •           • General (retail, office, food service, warehousing, etc)
  •           • Healthcare/Medical
  •           • Construction
  •           • Maritime

Are all employers required to purchase this? 

     Businesses/employers are required to have a Safety Plan in place that meets the requirements imposed by the Occupational
     Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There is no requirement to      purchase directly from C.P.S.; however, businesses are
     required to have a comprehensive written safety plan onsite. 

Is C.P.S. affiliated with the government? 

     C.P.S. is a third party private entity, a non-governmental organization and does not have a contract with any government
     agency to provide this service. 

What is the C.P.S. return policy? 

     C.P.S. offers an unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all products and services. If you are not satisfied for any reason,
     we will promptly issue you a full refund. 

Where is C.P.S. located? 

     All products are fulfilled and shipped from our Corporate Office in Naples, FL.





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